Access to Information Request

Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) provides a formal method of requesting information held by public bodies which is not available by other means. Public Bodies define organizations that fall within the scope of the Act, including departments, branches and offices of the Government of Alberta, as well as agencies, boards and commissions. The definition also includes Local Public Bodies in the education, health care and local government sectors. FOIP allows any person a right of access to records in the custody of or under the control of a public body subject to limited and specific exceptions as set out.Before making a FOIP request, it may be helpful to contact the Lethbridge Police Service FOIP Coordinator at403-330-5059 for advice on the most appropriate method to access the information you need. FOIP Request Form

What kind of information can be obtained?

Any records in the custody of or under the control of a public body, including records containing personal information about the applicant, subject to limited and specific exceptions as set out in the Act.

What kind of information is exempt?

Disclosure harmful to the business interests of a third party

  • Disclosure harmful to personal privacy
  • Disclosure harmful to individuals or public safety
  • Confidential evaluations
  • Disclosure harmful to law enforcement
  • Disclosure harmful to intergovernmental relations
  • Cabinet and Treasury Board confidences
  • Local public body confidences
  • Advice from officials
  • Disclosure harmful to economic and other interests of a public body
  • Testing procedures, tests and audits
  • Privileged information
  • Disclosure harmful to the conservation of heritage sites, etc.
  • Information that is or will be available to the public

What is the process to make a request?

When making a FOIP request, an applicant must specify whether they are seeking personal information or general information. A request for personal information is a request for the applicants own personal information or the personal information of an individual the applicant is entitled to represent. Personal information is defined in the Act as recorded information about an identifiable individual. A request for general information is a request for any other kind of information, including the personal information of a third party. Applicants are required to make all FOIP requests in writing. Forms are available at the front counter of the police station or may be downloaded. You will be asked to provide your name, address and a telephone number where you can be reached. If you are requesting your own personal information, please include your full name and any other names that you have used in the past. Be as specific as possible when describing the records you wish to access. Photo identification will be required

How much does it cost?

The complete fee schedule is outlined on the back of the request form. There is no fee for a request for personal information unless the cost of producing copies exceeds $10. If you are making a request for general information, there is an initial fee of $25 for a one-time request, or an initial fee of $50 for a continuing request. Additional fees may be charged for processing costs.

How long does it take?

The FOIP Act requires public bodies to respond within 30 calendar days of receiving a request. The response will either provide the requested information or explain why the information is not being disclosed. The 30-day deadline may be extended if, for example, large volumes of records are involved or if the third parties need to be consulted.

Is there an appeal process?

Yes. Applicants may ask the Privacy Commissioner to review a public bodys decision, act or failure to act relating to a request. For more information about making a FOIP request with the Lethbridge Police Service contact the FOIP Coordinator at 403-330-5059. Government of Alberta, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy