Frequently Asked Questions

If you witness a crime in progress, a crime has just occurred or someone is in danger, call 911. For all other complaints call 403-328-4444. Minor property offences where there are no suspects can also be reported online.

  • Lost property, theft under $5,000 (not including vehicles or licence plates),
  • Damage/mischief to property under$5,000
  • Theft from vehicle under $5,000
  • Damage/mischief to vehicle under $5,000.


Information about a crime can be reported to police by calling the complaints line 403-328-4444. If you wish to remain anonymous call Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477. Tips can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers online at or submitted via text message by texting 232 plus your tip to 274637. For tips about drug offences call the LRPS Confidential Drug Tip Line 403-327-1999.

If there are injuries or you believe the one of the drivers is impaired call 911 If you have been involved in a collision you will need to exchange information with the other driver - name, address, driver's licence number and vehicle registration and insurance details. If the combined damage is over $2,000 or there are any injuries you are required by law to file a police report. You must also file a police report if the collision is a hit and run. To report a collision that doesn't involve injuries or the commission of a criminal offence, please attend the Collision Reporting Centre, which is located at the police station, 135 1 Avenue South. The hours of operation of  the CRC are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on Sundays.

  • Payments can be made in person at any Registry Office or Provincial Court. You may also pay this ticket online at Service fees will apply at a Registry Office or if you use the website. If you wish to mail your payment, send it to: Alberta Provincial Court 320 4 Street South Lethbridge Alberta, T1J 1Z8
  • Include your ticket with your payment and write the ticket number on the back of your cheque or money order. Do not send cash through the mail. Cheques or money orders, in Canadian funds, must be made payable to: Minister of Finance. You can also pay by credit card.
  • Plead not guilty by mailing the ticket to the address indicated above and by signing the following statement:I wish to Plead Not Guilty to the offence I have been charged with and Will Appear at the Trial Date set for me. I understand that I will be advised of this trial date by ordinary mail which will be sent to address on the face of this offence notice unless I indicate a different address below. I understand that should I fail to appear for my trial I may be convicted in my absence without a hearing and I will be responsible for payment of any penalty plus late payment charges that may become applicable.
  • Appear before a Justice at the appearance address and date indicated on the reverse. You may plead guilty or not guilty to the offence charged. If you plead guilty, you may make submissions as to penalty and the Justice may grant time to pay. If you plead not guilty, a trial date will be set.

Tickets can be paid on the first floor of City Hall. The City of Lethbridge regulates parking through the use of both municipal bylaws as well as the Traffic Safety Act. The three main areas of enforcement are on-street parking, off-stree parking or parking or private property. Penalties for offences under the city bylaw are $25 to $30. The penalties under the bylaw will be reduced by $15 if payment is received within 7 days from the date of the offence.

Applicants are required to make all FOIP requests in writing. Forms are available at the front counter of the police station or may be downloaded.

  • You will be asked to provide your name, address and a telephone number where you can be reached.
  • If you are requesting your own personal information, please include your full name and any other names that you have used in the past.
  • Be as specific as possible when describing the records you wish to access.
  • Photo identification will be required

The complete fee schedule is outlined on the back of the request form. The FOIP Act requires public bodies to respond within 30 calendar days of receiving a request. The response will either provide the requested information or explain why the information is not being disclosed. The 30-day deadline may be extended if, for example, large volumes of records are involved or if the third parties need to be consulted.

For more information about City of Lethbridge Bylaws visit the City of Lethbridge webpage:

If the Police have impounded your vehicle, you can contact the Lethbridge Regional Police compound located at 805 3 Avenue North, by phoning 403- 330-5159. You may be asked for identification, proof of ownership and insurance documents so have them ready.

If you find property you think may be stolen or lost please contact the non-emergency complaints line at 403-328-4444 or bring the item(s) to the police station, 135 1 Avenue South.

If you lose property please contact the Exhibits Unit at 403-330-5017 at the time of the loss in order to provide a description. The records management system can be checked to see if anything matching the description of your lost item has been turned in.

If you would like to be involved in crime prevention programs in the City of Lethbridge or the Town of Coaldale contact the Community and Diversity Resource Team 403-330-5020.

If you would like to learn more about available crime prevention programs and presentations in the City of Lethbridge or the Town of Coaldale contact the Community and Diversity Resource Team 403-330-5020.

If you feel that a member of the Police Service is deserving of a compliment you are encouraged to share your experience. Please provide as much information as possible such as the name of the officer, file number (if known), date of the interaction and a brief summary of what occurred. A compliment can be submitted via email to or by mail to: Chief of Police RE: Officer Compliment Lethbridge Regional Police Service 135 1 Avenue South Lethbridge, AB T1J 0A1

If a citizen has a concern they should attend the police station or call the Staff Sergeant on duty at 403-330-5013. The Staff Sergeant will listen to the concern and attempt to resolve the issue informally in a timely manner. Any person who has a concern about the actions of a police officer or the services provided by LRPS can make a complaint. A person can also make a complaint on someone else's behalf in cases involving a minor or someone who is incapacitated. Under the Police Act, formal complaints against the Police Service or an officer must be made in writing and signed by the person making the complaint. A letter of complaint can be sent directly to the Chief of Police. Chief of Police RE: Formal Complaint Lethbridge Regional Police Service 135 1 Avenue South Lethbridge, AB T1J 0A1

Visit the home page and download the monthly photo enforcement CALENDAR

Currently six intersections are equipped to monitor speed and red light violations:

  • 5 Avenue and Mayor Magrath Drive South
  • 3 Avenue and 13 Street South
  • Garry Drive and University Drive West
  • 10 Avenue and Mayor Magrath Drive South
  • 32 Avenue and Mayor Magrath Drive South
  • 43 Street and Highway 3

The Lethbridge Police Service is committed to the safety of the citizens of Lethbridge. We have protocols in place to effectively deal with terrorism threats.

-Terrorism is the unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.

-Stay alert! Be aware of your surroundings
-Know your neighbours
-Know who makes regular deliveries at work
-Know regular maintenance and cleaning people

-Unusual requests for information regarding security or habits
-Unusual interest in high-risk or symbolic targets such as inappropriate videos or photograph-taking, annotating maps, note-taking or using binoculars and night vision goggles
-Unusual activity, such as strong odours coming from buildings or vehicles, someone who is over-dressed for the weather, people in palces where they don't belong or people avoiding eye contact
-Fraudulent identification, such as fake passports or driver's licenses
-Numerous visitors perhaps those who arrive and leave at unusual hours, trying to be unnoticed or acting in a suspicious manner
-Avoiding community contact; they may only let you into their apartment with plenty of prior notice, change their locks often, keep certain rooms off limits or never allow maid service or deliveries in a hotel room
-Large, unusual, high-risk deliveries; watch for vehicles delivering hazardous materials parked or driving in an inappropriate areas, unusual deliveries of chemicals or fertilizer, unattended boxes in public access places or unusual mail
-Unusual purchases or thefts; pay attention to any purchases, rentals or thefts of uniforms, explosives, weapons, ammunition, propane bottles, toxic chemicals or vehicles able to contain or haul hazardous materials

-If you believe a life is in danger or a serious crime is about to be committed, call 911 immediately
-If it is not an emergency, but you think the person or situation should be invesigated, call 403-328-4444-the Lethbridge Police Service non-emergency number

Remember, never put yourself in danger by confronting suspicious activity

For more information visit