Allegations of racially-motivated crime investigated and determined to be false

Lethbridge Police have concluded an investigation into allegations that a man was assaulted by three unknown males, as false.

On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 Global News Lethbridge aired the man’s picture and reported that sources alleged he had been assaulted in an alley by three men in what they believed could be a racially-motivated attack.

It was confirmed by police and reported in the story that no allegations matching those circumstances had been reported by the man. At the time police noted he had been involved in an investigation on Oct. 4, 2016 where he provided a statement indicating he had been assaulted by a male acquaintance but declined to pursue charges. That information was not aired.

Following the allegations in the story, police conducted follow-up investigation and determined that in addition to the Oct. 4 assault, the man also sustained a head injury earlier the same day as a result of a fall where he struck his head on cement. Witnesses observed the man fall and helped him up and inside a residence. It was later that same night when police responded to a report of a disturbance at the residence involving the same male. The male reported he had been assaulted by an acquaintance but did not wish to pursue charges. At that time the male and other witnesses did not disclose to officers or EMS about the fall earlier in the evening. Alcohol was a contributing factor.

The man was taken to hospital for treatment of his head injuries and later released. The following day he suffered medical distress and was transported back to CRH then transferred to a Calgary hospital where he remained until he was discharged Oct. 13.

Global News Lethbridge aired a follow-up story on Oct. 17 confirming the allegations in the original story had been investigated and determined to be false. Police thank Global for providing the update.

As a number of allegations of violent attacks have been made over the past two weeks – on social media and to local media agencies – but upon investigation proven to be false, LPS believes it’s important for the community and public peace of mind to understand the totality of the circumstances in this particular situation and how the man actually came to be injured.

LPS takes all allegations seriously. Police remind the public that anyone who has been the victim of a violent crime or has witnessed a violent crime, to report the matter directly to police.