ASIRT clears LPS officer of any wrong-doing in officer involved shooting

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) has cleared a member of the Lethbridge Police Service of any wrong-doing in an officer-involved shooting of a 17-year-old youth in October 2015.

The ASIRT news release is available here:

In response to the conclusion of the ASIRT investigation Chief Rob Davis has issued the following statement:

The conclusion of the independent ASIRT investigation confirmed what we knew all along – that our officer’s actions were consistent with training and reasonable in the circumstances.

The subject’s behaviour was erratic, he would not obey police commands and presented an imminent threat to the lives of our officers on scene and members of the public. The decision to use any kind of force is not something we take lightly but it is a reality of policing.

The Lethbridge Police Service is committed to ensuring our officers are well-equipped and well-trained to respond to every situation they are called to.

As the subject involved in this matter remains before the court with respect to charges arising out of his conduct during the incident, LPS will not comment further.

Please be advised Chief Davis is off sick today and is not available for media interviews.