Charges pending against male who escaped from custody, lunged at officers with a knife

On November 16, 2018 at approximately 2:50 p.m. Lethbridge/Coaldale RCMP were in the process of transporting a male who was under arrest for a number of property-related offences in RCMP jursidiction. During the transport the male escaped RCMP custody within the City of Lethbridge and as a result the Lethbridge Police Service attended to assist.

The male was eventually located in an apartment building downtown where he barricaded himself in a washroom. Officers arrived on scene and were immediately confronted by the male who was now brandishing a knife and lunged at the officers. A Taser was successfully deployed and the male was taken into custody. The male was assessed by medical staff and currently remains in custody for a number of offences in both the City of Lethbridge as well as RCMP jurisdiction.

Charges are pending in both jurisdictions at this time.