CRA fraud prevention cards being distributed to local stores

The Canada Revenue Agency does not want iTunes cards or pre-paid credit cards. And they’re not sending the police to your house to immediately arrest you if you don’t pay right now! That’s not how it works.

March is Fraud Prevention Month and one of the most prevalent scams in Canada involves fraudsters posing as reps from the CRA and demanding payment….or else.  Unfortunately many Canadians continue to be victimized, so much so that LPS created cards that are being distributed to local retailers to remind people the CRA will only accept money as payment – not gift cards, pre-paid credit cards, Bitcoin or anything else.

Distribution of the fraud prevention cards began at the end of 2018 and is currently ongoing.

-The CRA will not call and threaten you to pay a tax debt
-The CRA will not call, leave a voice message, text or email you advising of a warrant of arrest for a tax debt
-The CRA will not request that you pay a tax debt through the use of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or gift cards
-The CRA will not have you deported if you do not pay an owed tax debt
-Report suspected fraud. If you suspect a CRA tax scam, STOP! HANG UP THE PHONE!
-When in doubt contact the CRA directly to confirm the details of your tax account

If you are the victim of a CRA scam report the matter to police by calling 403-328-4444.