Internet Safety Night packed full of information for parents, anyone who works with youth

The 4th Annual Internet Safety Night will focus on internet and technology awareness to help empower parents, educators and anyone who works with young people.

Hosted by SafeNet Alberta, this year’s event is set for Monday, March 13 at the Yates from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Registration is free at If you can’t attend the event in person, it will also be live-streamed!

SafeNet Alberta includes members from the Lethbridge Police Service, Lethbridge School District 51, Palliser School District, Holy Spirit School District, Alberta Health Services, London Drugs, YWCA and Family Center.

Internet Safety Night will feature a conference-style format with a keynote address and eight break-out sessions.

Keynote speaker Chris Gonsalves, with Lethbridge School District 51, will talk to parents about the importance of an open relationship with their kids, provide information about “their world” and while there is no silver bullet solution the need and benefits of being an active parent.

The eight break-out sessions include:

Texting and Driving – Trudy Mason will recount the day her friend Sherry Handsaeme were hit by a distracted driver while training for the San Francisco Alcatraz Triathlon. Trudy survived. Sherry did not. Trudy’s story will help parents approach the subject with their teens.

Screen Time Addiction – Courtney Barks with Alberta Health Services will talk about screen time and how much is too much, who is at risk, why video games and social media keep young people hooked and what can be done.

Your Child’s First Smartphone: What You Need to Know  – Kevin Verberk with Holy Spirit School District will provide information on apps, ages restrictions, location data and tracking and the importance of trust between you and your child.

Social Media and the Law – Lethbridge Police will discuss the ever-changing social media landscape and the current laws in place to prevent children from being exploited.

How Your Children Are Hiding Data – Lethbridge Police will provide information on how smartphones and apps store data and how it can be unhidden or recovered.

Cyber Violence – Chelsea King, a counsellor with Family Center and Lindsay Brown, GirlSpace Teamlead for the YWCA, will provide tips on talking to your child whether they have been the victim of cyber violence or the perpetrator.

Online Predators – Lethbridge Police will outline the current trends and methods that online predators use to groom, lure and exploit children.

Your Digital Footprint and E-Reputation – What you do online, follows you offline. Gord Smith and Jesse Sadlowski with School District 51 will talk about the digital footprint that is left behind and how to keep it positive.

Setting Up Your Home Wifi for Success – Kyle Paterson, manager at London Drugs and Chris Gonsalvez, will provide best practices for configuring your home router and customizing usage/time for each device in the home.