Lethbridge Police partner with Missing Children Society of Canada on 'Milk Carton 2.0'

Lethbridge Police are the latest law enforcement agency to collaborate with the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) and are encouraging southern Alberta residents to use their smartphones and become part of a virtual search party when local children go missing.

MCSC’s Search Program, dubbed ‘Milk Carton 2.0’ is a game-changing and innovative technology that uses the power of social media to instantly expand the reach of timely information about a missing child.

“When a child goes missing every minute counts,” said Staff Sgt. Scott Woods. “The first few hours are critical to their safe recovery and using technology can expand our search capacity in exponential ways.”

Search Program is an emergency response network comprised of three distinct channels of engagement:

-MCSC’s partnership with Marketwired allows Critical Child Search Alerts to be instantly sent to thousands of media outlets across the country, harnessing the reach of traditional and digital media.

-The Most Valuable Network™ allows MCSC to notify users via Facebook and Twitter of Amber Alerts and Urgent Missing Child Alerts in their area, effectively creating the world’s first online search party. The Most Valuable Network™ also lets users ‘donate’ their social media feeds so all their friends will be engaged in the search for a missing child as well. In addition, BlackBerry®’s World’s Most Valuable Instant Messaging Application™ allows individuals to connect directly with information about a missing child in their area utilizing BlackBerry®’s cross-platform BBM Channels. The MCSC BBM Channel brings the information to the right people, at the right place at the right time

-CodeSearch™ is a rapid response app-based communications and technology platform that engages corporate partners, their employees and resources through geo-targeted push notifications and real-time news feeds.|

May 25 is National Missing Children’s Day and LPS and MCSC are encouraging individuals and businesses to join us in helping to locate missing children and reunite them with their loved ones.

How can individuals get involved?

1) Join the Most Valuable Network™ at http://mcsc.ca/search-program/most-valuable-network/

2) Download BBM Channels on any smartphone device and join Missing Children Society of Canada, BBM Channel Number C0012598C.

How can businesses and organizations get involved?

Businesses and organizations can become a CodeSearch™ partner.

The Lethbridge Police Service is CodeSearch™ partner and as such all staff have been encouraged to download the app on their work and personal devices.