Male and female facing more than a dozen charges following weekend incidents with stolen vehicle

Lethbridge Police have charged an 18-year-old woman and 20-year-old man in connection with a series of incidents involving a stolen vehicle.

On April 25, 2019 at approximately 1:15 p.m. police responded to a report that a grey, 2013 Ford F150 truck had been stolen from a westside residence. Later in the evening police located the vehicle and attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but the female driver refused and fled from the officer.

On April 26, 2019 at around 7:30 p.m. police once again located the truck parked in an alley behind Sheridan Road with the same female driver and a male occupant inside. Police pulled in behind the truck, the officer exited his vehicle and gave verbal direction for the occupants to get out. They did not comply and the vehicle began reversing toward the officer who was able to move out of the way. He deployed his less-lethal sock gun in an effort to gain compliance but the truck continued to reverse, striking the police vehicle and pushing it out of the way before hitting two fences and a tree. As the truck was colliding with the objects, the officer re-deployed his sock gun. The vehicle did not stop and fled at a high rate of speed toward Simon Fraser Boulevard. The officer was not injured. Multiple officers subsequently responded to the area but the truck was not located. At 8:40 p.m. RCMP received several reports of a vehicle matching the truck’s description, driving erratically on Highway 25. At 9:25 p.m. RCMP received a report that vehicle had been abandoned in Coaldale. LPS attended and seized the truck. Following further investigation police identified the suspects and just after midnight RCMP located them at a home in Coaldale where they were arrested without further incident.

Aedan Tanya Betts, 18, of Lethbridge and Jason James Mercer, 20, of Coaldale, are both charged with two counts of dangerous driving, one count each of flight from police, assaulting a peace officer with a weapon, obstructing a peace officer, possession of stolen property over $5,000, possession of stolen property under $5,000, four counts of mischief under $5,000 and assault with a weapon.

Betts is facing additional charges of dangerous driving, flight from police, possession of stolen property over $5,000, two counts of possession of stolen property under $5,000 and three counts of breach of a recognizance.

Both have been remanded in custody and are scheduled to appear in court May 1.