Most participants respectful of rules of the road during Street Machine Weekend

The Lethbridge Police Service issued a total of 72 tickets during the 2016 Street Machine Weekend.

Stunting – 10
Racing on Highway – 1
Fail to produce documents/unregistered/drive without an operator’s license – 8
Distracted Driving – 3
Fail to wear seatbelt – 2
Equipment violations – 26
Excessive Noise – 2
Speeding – 9
Gaming and Liquor Act – 1
Other – 10 (reports not yet submitted so not sure of the specific offences).

In addition there was one person charged with impaired driving and one warrant executed.

Police thank the vast majority of participants who acted responsibility and obeyed the rules of the road to help ensure the weekend was safe and enjoyable for all.

Comparatively, in 2015 there were a total of 199 tickets issued.