New CPO vehicle ready to hit the street

The first of two Community Peace Officer vehicles has been decaled, outfitted with gear and is ready to hit the street this week. And that means citizens in contravention of the rules of the road may find themselves getting a closer look.

Community Peace Officers (CPOs) are sworn officers with limited authorities to enforce parts of the Criminal Code, various provincial statutes and city bylaws. Currently, the Service’s nine CPOs are paired up with a police field training officer and have about one month left of their on-the-job training before they’ll be on their own.

Part of the CPO authorities includes enforcement of the Traffic Safety Act and drivers who find themselves getting pulled over by a CPO, have the same legal obligations as if it were a regular police officer. Citizens are required to stop, provide their license, insurance and registration documents and if deemed appropriate in the circumstances, may receive a violation ticket.

The first CPO vehicle the public can expect to see this week is a Dodge Ram truck and the second vehicle – a Subaru SUV – is on the way. Both vehicles have CPO decaling, so they look a little different than the regular police cars and trucks, but they are outfitted with similar equipment including lights and sirens and a mobile data terminal inside.