Police advising businesses to examine currency for authenticity

Lethbridge Police are investigating more than a dozen incidents over the past two months where counterfeit $100 billshave been passed or attempted to have been passed at local businesses.

Since the beginning of July there has been an increase in counterfeit $100 Canadian bills being circulated in the city. The reproductions have typically been poor and many include the holographic strip from lower denominations – primarily $5’s – in place of the proper $100 strip. The bills have been offered by multiple subjects at convenience stores, big box stores, coffee shops and other businesses.

Business owners and their employees are advised to carefully examine all bills before accepting them.
Feel the raised ink on the large number
Look at the frosted maple leaf window to see its transparent outline
Feel the raised ink on the words “Bank of Canada and Banque du Canada”
Look at the numbers that match the note’s value and at the word “Canada” that feels slight raised
Look at the metallic portrait as it matches the large portrait and when tilted changes colour. Flip the bill to also see it on the other side
Look for maple leaves that border and cross into the large window

Businesses who have received a counterfeit bill or anyone with information about these incidents, is asked to contact police at 403-328-4444 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477. Anonymous tips can also be submitted online at www.p3tips.com.