Police officer credited with saving life following suspected fentanyl overdose

A Lethbridge Regional Police officer is being credited with saving the life of a man who was found in severe medical distress in a city park as a result of a suspected fentanyl overdose.

On Aug. 16, 2015 at approximately 10:37 p.m. Acting Sgt. Chris Stock initially responded to a report that a female was being assaulted by three males in Kinsmen Park but that was not at all the case. Upon arrival Sgt. Stock located a group of people, including an unconscious male who exhibited signs of a drug overdose. The man did not have a pulse and wasn’t breathing so Sgt. Stock, assisted by another man in the group, immediately began CPR and was able to revive the victim. After being placed in the recovery position the man stopped breathing again and Sgt. Stock repeated the CPR process until the victim resumed breathing and regained consciousness. EMS then arrived and transported the man to hospital for further treatment. Paramedics later reported that Sgt. Stock’s rapid assessment of the situation and immediate action saved the 21-year-old man’s life.

Further investigation determined the victim had taken half fentanyl pill and had been walking through the park with his friends when he went into medical distress.

Police are once again warning the community that fentanyl is deadly. There is no safe amount and in fact a dosage equivalent to just two grains of salt can be fatal. In the first six months of the year there were 145 fatal overdoses across Alberta.

In any case of suspected fentanyl overdose immediate medical intervention could mean the difference between life and death. Anyone who observes an individual in medical distress or suspects a fentanyl overdose is advised to phone 911 immediately and begin CPR if the person stops breathing or has no pulse.

Stock has 14 years of service with LRPS and is currently assigned to Patrols where he serves as a frontline officer.

Police officer credited with saving life following suspected fentanyl overdose | Lethbridge Police Services


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