Police response to erroneous Facebook post

In response to media inquiries with respect to a post on Facebook (post included for reference) the Lethbridge Police Service is providing the following information:

On Sept. 8, 2017 during the early morning hours, police responded to a 911 call of a domestic assault at a residence along the 1000 block of 13 Street South. Upon arrival police spoke to the victim and a witness who identified the suspect and reported that he was hiding in a bedroom and would likely be assaultive toward police. In addition to the domestic assault allegation, the suspect had breached a no contact order with the victim and was unlawfully at large. The witness told police there was no one else inside the home.

At approximately 4:50 a.m. a K9 Unit arrived to assist. Police provided multiple, loud, verbal commands for the subject to come out or a police dog would be used to locate him. The subject did not respond or comply with police direction and a police dog on a leash cleared the home then entered the bedroom. The room was dark and the dog located one male inside. The male was taken outside to EMS so paramedics could attend to a bite on his arm and at that time it was determined the male was not the suspect police had been told was hiding in the bedroom. EMS examined the male but as the injury was minor no treatment was required.

At this time the investigation to locate the suspect in the domestic assault is ongoing.

No further information will be released.