Police seeking public assistance to generate new leads in cold cases

Julie Derouin and Theodore Milde have been missing for decades – their cases long gone cold. But neither will be closed until police know with certainty what happened.

Cold case files are reviewed periodically in the hopes that new information comes to light or new leads can be generated. And it is possible. In 2017 police successfully concluded a 30-year-old missing persons case involving two sisters who were found to have simply walked away from their lives.

Police are asking anyone with information about Julie Derouin or Theodore Milde (that has not previously been provided), to come forward. Contact police at 403-328-4444 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477. Anonymous tips can also be submitted online at www.p3tips.com

Any information – no matter how insignificant it may seem – is important.

Julie was 23 years-old when she was last seen on New Year’s Day 1980 and there have been no confirmed sightings of her since then. Today, she would be 59.

Julie was officially reported missing in June 1983. Background investigation determined that Julie moved to Lethbridge from the lower mainland of British Columbia in the latter part of 1979. At the time, she was an associate of the now defunct Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club in BC and Washington. As the investigation progressed police received conflicting and unconfirmed reports that Julie may have returned to BC or moved to Ontario as well as reports she was the victim of a homicide.

In 1985 police obtained a warrant to search and excavate the home Julie was believed to have shared with her boyfriend but despite an exhaustive search of the property no trace of her was found. Over the years police have conducted dozens of interviews but to date officers have not been able to confirm whether Julie simply walked away from her life or is the victim of foul play.

Theodore Milde was reported missing on February 18, 1993 after a friend found a note along with Milde’s keys inside his mailbox. The note indicated where Milde’s vehicle could be found and directed his friend to attend his home to pick up some property he wanted him to have. Police subsequently searched the residence and found several other notes. Milde’s vehicle was later located on 28 Street North just outside the city limits – exactly where he said it would be. Footprints in the snow led into the coulees. In the days and weeks that followed, police conducted extensive searches in the river valley and surrounding area, but no trace of Milde has ever been found.

Milde has had no further contact with family or friends since his disappearance in 1993 and while evidence suggests he may have taken his own life, his body has never been recovered.

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Acting Staff Sgt. Mark Smallbones will be available for interviews today at 11 a.m. at the police station. This will be the only opportunity for on-camera interviews.