Project Street Sweeper gets results

Members of the Lethbridge Police Priority Crimes Unit and Lethbridge ALERT have arrested dozens of subjects, laid hundreds of charges and recovered nearly half a million dollars in property during a joint forces operation that targeted chronic property crime offenders.

Project Street Sweeper resulted in the following:

-45 arrests
-230 criminal charges
-$411,755 worth of recovered property (including stolen vehicles)
-Recovery of 24 stolen vehicles
-Recovery of 9 firearms
-$13,520 worth of drugs seized
-23 warrants executed
-68 cases cleared

“The intent of this project was to specifically target chronic offenders in this city who are responsible for property crimes and that’s exactly what we did,” said Staff Sgt. Jason Walper, Lethbridge ALERT. “A great deal of the property crime in this community is rooted in the drug trade so it made sense to bring together our Priority Crimes Unit and Lethbridge ALERT to really focus our efforts and as the name of the project suggests, clean up our streets.”

Street Sweeper began in May and concluded last week.

Police continue to remind the public to safeguard their property to reduce the risk of victimization.

  • Never leave an unattended vehicle running or with the keys inside – even if you will only be gone for a minute

  • Park in a garage or well-lit area

  • Never leave anything of value inside your vehicle in plain sight – cash ( even small change for parking meters), electronics, sunglasses, clothing, fuel cards, etc. are all commonly targeted  items

  • Always lock your vehicle and ensure the windows are up

  • When you are working in your backyard, make sure the doors to your home are locked as you may not hear or see someone enter

  • Always keep bicycles, lawn mowers, tools, etc. in a locked shed or garage

  • Install motion sensor lights at all entrances to your home and garage as criminals prefer to rely on the cover of darkness and a bright light coming on will often thwart a break-in

    LPS will continue to target drug and property crime offenders and future projects are anticipated.

    **Staff Sgt. Jason Walper will be available for media interviews on Friday,  July 14, 2017 at 11 a.m. at the police station. This will be the only opportunity for on-camera interviews**