School Resource Officers hosting internet safety session for parents

 Lethbridge Regional Police, in partnership with the City of Lethbridge, are hosting an internet safety session to help educate parents about online issues and provide tips to help prevent children from being victimized.

 Internet and social media-related issues including cyber bullying, sexting and child pornography are among the biggest issues that local School Resource Officers address on a daily basis.

 Teens and young children are able to access the internet 24/7 and in some cases know more about the online world than their parents. Children of all ages are very proficient online so it’s important for parents to understand social networking tools, know what their children are doing online and talk openly with them about internet safety.

 Parents of school-aged children are invited to attend an internet safety education session on October 21, 2014 at 6 p.m. at the Yates Theatre, 1002 4 Avenue South. The session is free and will include a short presentation, followed by an opportunity to ask questions. All LRPS School Resource Officers will be in attendance.



For media inquiries contact:

 Sgt. Dan Walton
Community Resource Unit
Lethbridge Regional Police Service