Two people charged with impaired driving in Christmas Check Stops

Lethbridge Regional Police charged two people with impaired driving during the first week of the 2015 Christmas Check Stop campaign.

In addition, the following other violations/sanctions resulted:

Five drivers were issued Immediate Roadside Sanctions (IRS Suspensions
Seven drivers were issued Alberta Zero Alcohol Tolerance (AZAT/GDL) suspensions
Four suspended drivers were apprehended
Five unlicensed drivers were charges
Four Gaming and Liquor Act tickets were issued
31 other TSA and related regulation tickets were issued.

Police are reminding motorists never to drink and drive and anyone who observes a suspected impaired driver is asked to call 911 immediately if it is safe and lawful to do so.

The primary goal of the Check Stop program is to apprehend impaired drivers and get them off the road due to the significant risk to public safety they pose.

A combination of traditional, static, on-road Check Stops and targeted, mobile enforcement will continue throughout December and into the New Year.

Police remind motorists that administrative penalties begin for drivers caught with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of over .05. At .05 drivers will face an immediate three-day license suspension and three-day vehicle seizure on a first offence. Individuals with a Graduated Driver’s License who are found with any blood alcohol face an immediate 30-day license suspension and seven-day vehicle seizure.

All drivers charged with impaired driving will have their license suspended until the charge is resolved in court. Their vehicle will be seized – three days on a first offence and seven days for subsequent offences. Upon conviction drivers will also require a mandatory ignition interlock for one year on the first conviction, three years for the second conviction and five years for the third conviction.

Police remind all motorists that impairment begins with the first drink. Consuming any type of alcohol affects your judgment, reaction time and perception.

If you are going to drink, plan ahead for a safe ride home. Designate a sober driver (who does not drink any alcohol), call a taxi, use public transportation or contact a drive-home service, such as Operation Red Nose.