UPDATE: Found money returned to rightful owner

Lethbridge Regional Police are happy to report the rightful owner of more than $1,000 found and turned in last month has  now been identified.

The man contacted police after his spouse saw the Police Service's public appeal on Facebook.

Police thank the community for sharing the post and helping the Service return the money to its rightful owner.

On Dec. 5, 2014 a Lethbridge man was walking his dogs in the empty field near the coulee along the east end of Grand River Boulevard when he located a significant quantity of cash. The man subsequently attended the police station and turned the money in at the front counter. Efforts to locate the rightful owner have been unsuccessful to date.

In order to return the money, the owner will need to provide proof of ownership including a description of how the money was packaged, the exact amount and any other substantiating information that may be available such as a bank statement or withdrawal slip identifying the amount.

To claim the money, contact the LRPS Property and Exhibits Unit 403-330-5017.

Police commend the finder for his honesty and integrity.