Woman charged in connection with weapons incidnet

On August 5, 2015 at 1620 hours members of the Lethbridge Regional Police attended Galt Gardens after park Security personnel saw an altercation involving a knife.    Patrol and Downtown Policing Unit members determined that two altercations broke out between a group of two males and a woman.   During the first altercation the woman told the victim he was dead.   Moments later the two males began fighting.  The woman that appeared to be with one of the males produced a knife and started swinging it at the victim.  The knife never connected and the male was not hurt.  The fight stopped and all parties tried to walk away.   Security staff was able to identify them for police.   Police located and dealt with all three parties.

23 year old Glenda Rose Day Chief, of no fixed address, was arrested at the scene and held for a bail hearing.   She has been charged with possessing a weapon dangerous, assault with a weapon and threats.