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Lethbridge Police Service unveils Siksikaitsitapi values and artwork

The Lethbridge Police Service is proud to unveil a logo commissioned to visually represent the translation of the organization’s values into Blackfoot.

Designed by Indigenous artist Ina Fairbanks (Old Shoes) of the Kainai First Nation, the powerful image depicting a pipe ceremony, will stand as a symbol of our past, present and future connection with the Blackfoot people. 

“As soon as you enter the police building you’ll see this symbolic piece displayed alongside our crest,” said Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh. “It honours the culture and contributions of the Blackfoot people, acknowledges the jurisdiction we serve is located on traditional Blackfoot territory and our hope is it will help foster and strengthen connections with the Indigenous community as we continue our reconciliation journey.”

The project, which was initiated by Trissly Blackwater, began with the translation of the LPS core values – Respect, Courage, Accountability, Collaboration and Professionalism – into Blackfoot: Inakootsiiyssini, Ikitapiiysini, Aisstakataa, Issopomaanitapiiysinni and Okamotapotakssini. Members of the LPS Indigenous Advisory Committee provided the translations, matching the English definition as closely as possible in line with the Blackfoot Ways of Knowing. 

“Trissly was the visionary for this initiative and has worked diligently in collaboration with the Elders who form our Indigenous Advisory Committee, to make it a reality,” said Mehdizadeh. 

Blackwater, a member of the Kainai First Nation, has served as a summer student with LPS for the past three years. 

In the spring of 2023, LPS issued an expression of interest to local Indigenous artists enrolled in post-secondary studies to create a digital logo to represent the newly translated Siksikaitsitapi values. Ina Fairbanks, a paramedic student enrolled at Medicine Hat College, was selected and later presented LPS with her design, which was then reviewed by the LPS Indigenous Advisory Committee. 

“It depicts a traditional custom of my people – the pipe ceremony,” she said. “This ceremony exists to reconcile differences between people after conflict.”

The image shows a member of the Blackfoot Confederacy, wearing a traditional headdress, sitting across from a police officer who has been invited to participate in the ceremony. The stem of the pipe is straight, signifying the truth and sincerity each person’s words. The stone that crowns the stem is as solid as their word and evokes the truth that is foundational to the peace being promised. As the smoke curls toward the sky, both people see their enmity dissipate and be carried to the Creator’s hands. 

“My desire is that the Indigenous community and Lethbridge Police see themselves in the two individuals and that they will be inspired to renew their efforts to live their values and share compassion, not because of any logo, but because they seek genuine change. I hope that it will inspire both our people to draw closer and understand one another,” said Fairbanks. 

In addition to the display in the foyer of the police station, the image will be incorporated throughout the building, has been added to the Community Resource Unit vehicle and will be included in Service publications and other initiatives. The design, and information about the Siksikaitsitapi values, can also be viewed on the LPS website

The Lethbridge Police Service is grateful to the Indigenous community for their assistance, insight, guidance and support in the creation of the Siksikaitsitapi values and logo. Special thanks to: 

Elder Morris Little Wolf
Elder Patrick Blackplume
Elder Betty Ann Little Wolf
Elder Anne Fox
Elder Peter Weasel Moccasin
Ina Fairbanks
Trissly Blackwater


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