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Reports and Publications

The Lethbridge Police Service (LPS) is committed to communicating openly with the citizens of Lethbridge. It is important that our community understands the rationale, principles, structures and parameters that guide our operations as a police service. We want our residents to know that the activities we undertake are carefully considered at all times and are informed by a deep commitment to strengthening public safety in partnership with the communities that we serve.

The Strategic Plan and Annual Plans

The LPS Strategic Plan guides the upcoming four years of organizational and operational decision-making, detailing organizational direction, areas of focus and outcomes that will be achieved through the implementation of initiatives, projects and services.

In the meantime, Annual Policing Plans are developed each year, following a comprehensive consultative process with the Lethbridge Police Commission, LPS employees and the community, to outline specific, measurable initiatives to achieve the organization’s overall goals and objectives.

The Strategic Plan and Annual Policing Plans are living documents that are regularly reviewed and updated, based on data and evidence in line with changing pressures and challenges facing the organization and community.

Strategic Plan 2023-2026
Annual Policing Plan 2024

Annual Reports

Each year, an annual report is published that captures key highlights of our achievements, in partnership with the people we serve. Our annual report reflects on our collective successes, not just as an organization, but as a community.

Annual Report 2023
Annual Report 2022
Annual Report 2021

Street Check Annual Reports

In keeping with provincial regulations, LPS submits annual reports regarding street checks.

A street check is defined as the attempted or actual collection, recording, and retention of personal information, voluntarily provided by a member of the public obtained as a result of a non-detention, non-arrest interaction with a police officer. Street checks are an important tool for crime prevention. 

Street Check Annual Report 2023
Street Check Annual Report 2022
Street Check Annual Report 2021

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We are always looking for ethical, brave, committed, and hard-working individuals to to serve our diverse and vibrant community. 

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