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Mission, Vision and Values


Through partnerships and collaboration, the Lethbridge Police Service strives to create a safe community for all.


Guided by the highest standards of policing, we are committed to supporting our community by addressing crime, maintaining public safety and strengthening public trust.


Respect - We treat all people with dignity, compassion, empathy and fairness. We value relationships, internally and externally, and through honesty and integrity we will continue to establish and maintain relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.

Courage - As guardians of public safety, our service requires the bravery of each of our employees, regardless of their role, to respond and stand up for what is right and fair through appropriate choices and actions.

Accountability - Privileged to protect and serve our city, we value our role in providing community safety and accept responsibility for our actions.

Professionalism - As a learning organization, personal and professional development of our employees is fostered and expected. We are committed to providing the tools, resources and guidance needed to ensure educational and wellness needs are met.

Collaboration - We will continue to develop and strengthen partnerships with other service providers and partners to address the root causes of crime and to best serve the unique needs of a our community.

Join Our Team

We are always looking for ethical, brave, committed, and hard-working individuals to to serve our diverse and vibrant community. 

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