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Siksikaitsitapi Values

In partnership and collaboration with Indigenous Elders, the Lethbridge Police Service organizational values have been translated into Blackfoot to honour and pay respect to the culture and contributions of the Siksikaitsitapi and other Indigenous people in our community. 

A visual representation to accompany the translation has been created by local artist Ina Fairbanks (Old Shoes), a member of the Kainai First Nation. 


Inakootsiiyssini - Respect

Iikitapiiysini - Courage

Aisstakataa - Accountability

Isspomaanitapiiysinni - Collaboration

Okamotapotakssini - Professionalism

Artist's Statement

The logo depicts a traditional custom of my people - the pipe ceremony. This ceremony exists to reconcile differences between people after conflict. The stem of the pipe is straight, signifying the truth and sincerity of each person’s words. The stone that crowns the stem is as solid as your word and evokes the truth that is foundational to the peace that is being promised. As the smoke curls toward the sky, both people see their enmity dissipate and carried to the Creator’s hands.

We see an officer who is courageous because they are engaging with First Nations culture; not because of their orders, but because of their desire. We see an officer who is respected, and invited to participate in a meaningful, compassionate interaction; a professional who has honed their craft and goes above and beyond to create cross-cultural relationships; a collaborator who ensures mutual benefit by utilizing each culture’s strengths and recognizes their accountability to gain the necessary knowledge to truly understand the culture, customs and dignity of the people they serve. We see a member of the Blackfoot Confederacy wearing a headdress symbolizing their determination to live the Siksikaitsitapi values, who can bring themselves to find peace, through those values, by forgiving those working to aid our future.

My desire is that both parties see themselves as one of the two individuals pictured and will be inspired to renew their efforts to live their values and share compassion – not because of any logo, but because they seek genuine change. I believe that if those who are First Nations can see themselves sitting across from an officer with sincerity, they embody the logo. I believe that if those who serve as officers can see themselves sitting across from First Nations with familiarity, they embody the logo. Through those efforts, there could be more outstretched hands, more mutual respect and more compassion between communities. If you do not see yourself in a position to embody this logo then you need to ask yourself what values are you missing. I offer this logo in the hope that it will inspire both our people to draw closer and understand one another. Through proximity we will gain tolerance and understanding we never thought possible.

- Ina Fairbanks (Old Shoes)

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