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Fingerprint Services

The Lethbridge Police Service (LPS) provides civilian fingerprinting digitally or by ink, if required.

Services and Fees

Adoption $90

Citizenship $65

Employment - Federal Government $65

Employment - Other $90

*Ink Prints (per request) $65

Landed Immigrant Status $65

Legal Name Change $90

**Legal Name Change - Indigenous No Cost

Privacy Act Requests $65

Record Suspension (Pardon) $90

Visa/Border Crossing/Foreign Travel/Work $90

***Vulnerable Sector - Employment $40

***Vulnerable Sector - Volunteer No Cost

Costs are listed in Canadian dollars and include taxes and processing fees, when charged. 

*Additional prints (per request/per appointment) cost $25. 

**In keeping with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Call to Action 17, fees will not be charged to residential school survivors and their descendants when reclaiming their Indigenous names. 

***You will be notified in writing if you are required to provide fingerprints as part of a Vulnerable Sector Search. The fingerprints will be sent to the Police Information Check Unit and you will be notified of the results by mail or, if expedited, by phone.

Appointment Process

  • To book your appointment, call 403-330-5015.
    • Appointments are available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm at the Lethbridge Police Station (135 1 Avenue South, Lethbridge)
    • If you are leaving a message, please ensure you provide the full spelling of your name and a current phone number
    • Also, let the technician know why you require fingerprinting services. This will allow them to provide you with all of information you require before your appointment

  • On the day of your booking, please bring:
    • Government-issued photo identification
      • Examples of photo identification (this list is not exhaustive):
        • Driver’s Licence or Identification Card
        • Passport
        • Nexus Card
        • Permanent Residence Card
        • Indian/Metis Status Card
    • Any of the forms you require to fulfill your request (For example: If the United States have requested fingerprints and have sent FBI or NBI forms, please be sure to bring these forms with you!)

  • When you arrive, visit the front desk Commissionaire. They will collect the fees and direct you to your appointment

  • The technician will conduct the fingerprinting and address all of the necessary documentation

  • Fingerprints are forwarded to the RCMP database in real time for review
    • While response rates may vary, the RCMP's Fingerprint Processing Times and Fees website indicates that the file should be processed in 3 days or less if there is no match to a criminal record. If there is a possible match to a criminal record, or if manual processing is required, it may take up to 120 business days
    • Extra time should be taken into consideration for delivery by Canada Post

Destruction of Fingerprints

If you wish to request the destruction of fingerprints, please see the Destruction of Fingerprints and Photographs webpage.


Email Fingerprint Services directly or call them at 403-330-5015 during business hours.

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