Project Street Sweeper getting results

Members of the Lethbridge Police Priority Crimes Unit and Lethbridge ALERT have laid 86 charges – with more pending – recovered $90,000 worth of stolen property and two loaded firearms during the first 10 days of Project Street Sweeper.

The intent of the joint forces operation is to target and apprehend chronic offenders committing property crimes, reduce incidents and recover stolen items. Much of the city’s property crime is rooted in the drug trade as offenders steal to feed their addiction or pay off drug debts.

Arson suspect identified and charged

Lethbridge Police have charged a 43-year-old man in connection with an arson at a downtown business last month.

On April 5, 2017 at approximately 5:30 a.m. the Lethbridge Fire Department responded to a report of a fire in the alley along the 600 block of 4 Avenue South. The fire, which was determined to be suspicious, caused damage to the Boarderline building.